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Current Projects

I'm currently working on developing a nutrition blog for Jessica Cochrane, a Vancouver dietician. This is going to be loaded with recipes and nutrition tips. Jessica splits her time between multiple hospitals under two seperate health authorities teaching classes. coming soon

KOTI Website

KOTI Designs

This was a WordPress site I made for a local Vancouver craftsperson. Initially, the project was 100% design: New York trade show catalogue, business cards, promo cards, product tags... The project concluded with building It was a great experience to work with such a well established and talented artist.

App Site

I created this WordPress site with a team of 3 other developers. The goal of the site was to entice users to download the app and show off what it could do. This was an exercize in sticking on-brand while still contributing elements that enriched UX. App release date TBD but check out the censored site and stay tuned for the real thing!

Aila's Client Website
Aila's Finland Website

Finland Tourism

A fully responsive site built with love for educational purposes. Look out for the styling consistency and intuitive CTAs. On this project, I picked up some new skills and design tips. Did you know there's an optimal number of characters in a line of text? It's 45-75. This site is more of an exercise, but if you like it, my codepen has more frivolous pieces.

Winnebago Man

Winnebago Man is a JavaScript matching game created by me from scratch. This was quite an undertaking as a first JavaScript project, so it's not responsive. Probably the last non-responsive piece I'll ever do. You can still see the functionality in the clip. But don't fret-proper links to more fun games coming soon.

Aila's Client Website
Aila's Umaluma graphic design


A collection of my favourite graphic pieces I did while involved with Umaluma, a local Vancouver Chinatown gelato shop. This included signage around the store, promo posters for events, and instagram posts. The branding was fantastic, which made these really fun projects!